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We are youth who have overcome great difficulties.

We are parents who have made bold and courageous choices.

In our effort to survive we came to the point of seeking out and accepting the help of people in therapeutic wilderness and residential programs. 


We have no interest in defending abusive institutions.  We have no interest in challenging or detracting from those who had negative experiences.


For us, a therapeutic placement was needed.  The people and experiences in our programs enriched, and in many cases, saved our lives. 


We are strong.

We are thriving now.

Image by Austin Ban


Seeing few places for program families and alumni to share their positive experiences, ThrivingNow was created as a site dedicated to sharing our stories of hope and healing.

We'd love to hear from you! is an independent site that does not endorse or promote a company, program or group.  For our privacy and protection, some of us have chosen to withhold or change our names.

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