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Research supports the efficacy of wilderness and residential interventions.  Out of home therapeutic placements should be reserved for youth who haven't responded to less comprehensive interventions.

Study Finds Residential Treatment Effective Across Nine Settings


A study of 1,027 youth across nine residential treatment settings found programs to be correlated with statistically significant positive outcomes across a variety of valid, standardized measures.  

Academic Success and Family Functioning  Significantly Improved for Youth after Residential Treatment


A database of over 1,000 youth attending therapeutic programs tracked both academic performance and family functioning before, during, and one year after residential treatment.  Significant improvement in both domains were maintained well beyond treatment. 

Study Explores Youth Perception of Change Process While in Residential Treatment


A study explored how 27 youth in residential treatment perceive their change process.  The five major themes revealed were:

  1. Healthier relationships

  2. Better family functioning

  3. Stronger sense of self

  4. Improved emotional balance

  5. Insightful, future-oriented thinking


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