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In 2011, a therapeutic program changed our family forever.


After years of failed treatments, our son thrived in a therapeutic program that taught him coping skills and helped us as parents better understand his needs. It set us on the path for transformation, healing and love.


The experience had such a positive impact on my family I began working as a "parent liaison" at the program my son attended. I’ve seen other families experience the same fears—and then triumphs—that we did. Of course, not everyone has a success story, and my heart especially goes out to anyone who was abused or neglected. I wish them peace and healing in their journey.


But negative media coverage shouldn’t overshadow the thousands of youth and families who do benefit from wilderness and therapeutic programs, and so, I wanted to create a place for families to share their positive experiences.


The result is the Thriving Now Movement.


The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Program has provided a small grant to assist me in launching this site which, along with our connected social media channels, is completely maintained and moderated by myself and those who help me.


Out of respect for my son’s privacy, I have chosen to remain anonymous, but this site exists only to tell stories of hope and healing and provide resources to families looking for help. We do not sponsor or promote any specific program or company.


Come hear our stories and share your own.

Image by JodyHongFilms
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