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Adam's Story

My name is Adam. My time in treatment had its ups and downs. That being said, I almost always felt safe at my program. No one hit me. No one hurt me. It was a sanctuary to work on myself and get to know myself to an extreme level.

Before my residential program I attended a wilderness therapy program, which for me was an amazing experience. From there, the my parents, my therapist and the education consultant team decided to graduate me to a longer term program for further deep soul level discoveries.

Now, six years later, I am in a MUCH better place. I have 99% control over my SchizoAffective Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and more. The skills taught at my program are priceless. I now make music everyday, take mixing engineering classes and music theory classes, and I am about to begin a 300 day coaching program. My family life is thriving as well. I have a great connection with my mother and brother, and have healed from the loss of my father.

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