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Cassandra's Story

When I arrived at my therapeutic boarding school over 30 years ago, it was with a daily habit of drinking, smoking and drug use. I had a closet full of hurt, secrets and anger, with trust for no one. There was hope for something different, but fear that I had gone too far off the path to ever change.

The staff were direct and honest from the start. We had group therapy, workshops, therapy assignments etc. Although there were times things got intense, I always knew it came from love. I had close relationships with some but not all of the staff. Somehow it felt safe for me to share things I have never discussed in my life with anyone. They gave me ideas on how to deal with my past and my thoughts in a safe way, without dulling my feelings. I had to go to some very dark places to work through to the light and learn to trust others and myself. The workshops were hard, but they were life changing and for ME…lifesaving.

I will be forever thankful for the program and the staff caring enough to challenge me and raise the bar. The tools I learned are things I have used in all areas of my life. As a daughter, woman, friend, wife and mother.

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