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Chaz's Story

My family and I are so happy with [program name redacted]. Our son is safe and understood there, but not only that, he is challenged and inspired. He would say the same himself. The staff there are terrific. They are talented and dedicated, well trained and efficient, and they follow through on things. They really care about our kids, and we trust them. We know that they are not going to let our son stagnate. They are dedicated to helping him help himself. But it is not only their good will, kindness, cheerfulness and patience that impresses and consoles us. It is their incredible capacity to “unknot” tricky situations, get people out of the “red” and into the “green” where they can thrive, learn and build their self esteem. They have clarity and wisdom and one knows that this is a vocation for them. So often I have been staggered by the way our therapist can put into clear concise words problems that I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure out. It instantly diffuses and brings calm to situations, and also a sense of empowerment. Ee now have an optimistic feeling that comes with having an understanding of previously confusing patterns and problems, and learning new skills to not only survive, but thrive. I have never seen my son so happy in his young adult life. He is respected as the brilliant young man he is, and he is in a good place at last.

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