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Lois's Story

Our son started exhibiting serious psychiatric issues at the age of six, which progressively worsened over time. His childhood was marked by a lack of friends, acting out in school, poor grades, stealing, damage to our home, aggression, and a lack of insight into his behavior. He was impulsive, angry, and unable to trust others.

By the time we sent him to a residential program, at fifteen, our son had been prescribed numerous medications. He'd spent many years with a psychiatrist, a total of eleven years in therapy with three well-respected therapists, two years at an alternative high school, and a wilderness program for troubled teens.

Finally, we explored multiple treatment centers. As a clinical psychologist, I knew that our son would be well cared for by an excellent clinical staff. During his time in the program, our son received individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy, and regular psychiatric appointments. There was a therapeutic athletic program, where my son participated in his first triathlon. We attended regular family weekends, where we experienced family therapy, support groups, and therapeutic outdoor experiences. Each time we visited, we were impressed by the staff’s professionalism and caring, and were happy to witness our son’s progress. And each time we visited, we were more certain that our son was in a place with love at the core of its principles.

I am thrilled to report that our son, now 26, is working full time at a job he loves. He is no longer taking medicine. He has made good friends, is a pleasure to be with, and is proud of himself.

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