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Michael's Story

Our son has been in a program for 9 months. The experience has been transformative! We cannot give enough praise about this amazing place and all of the people who work so consistently hard every day to help these young men. Our son's journey started 2 years ago. He first completed a wilderness program, and then 1 year of therapeutic school. Both programs were very powerful for our son and helped us learn more about what he needed, and the changes we needed to make. Our son is outside every day doing things that help him connect the dots. He is now on the track team. For him, running has become a new outlet for stress relief. As parents, we have been supported and helped so much. We have learned and acquired tools to help navigate and gain confidence. Our son’s amazing therapist has gotten to the core of our son. He is instinctive, and proactive. When something is revealed, there is a plan made right then and there. There is follow-up and follow-through. This program is where the serious work finally happened. You can’t do this half way. We are so proud of all the hard work our son has put into this program. There will still be hills and valleys, but our son has gained insight, knowledge, and coping skills that will help move his life in a positive direction.

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