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Shana's Story

Our 18 year old son was unable to remain at home or in his school due to serious emotions issues that were not sufficiently addressed with psychiatric medication and twice weekly psychotherapy. We needed to find a program that would allow him to finish high school while at the same time addressing his very serious mental health issues. We have found that place in [program name redacted]. Our son has made progress in his weekly intensive therapy as well as completed high school and been able to secure employment. At the same time he has been participating in a milieu based treatment program that includes psychotherapy, group sessions to work on social skills and life skill acquisition. We have been in weekly family therapy as well as involved in weekly treatment team meetings.

As a parent I was very concerned about finding a treatment program that would meet his needs. Like others, I had heard stories about abuse that have occurred in these kinds of programs and I was worried. Not once have I had any concerns about this at [program name redacted]. From the moment we made contact with this program I have felt comfortable. The staff at [program name redacted] have been supportive and communicative with us. I have complete confidence in our program and have felt safe placing my son there. And, equally as important, my son has felt safe and supported while doing very difficult soul searching and changing.

Our son needed a level of care that couldn’t be created living at home and we feel lucky to have found that in a therapeutic program. I can recommend this program without any reservations.

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