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Trent's Story

Our son Michael is doing amazingly well. We never dared to hope that he would be doing so well. He’s in a new school, making good friends, playing hockey, and he hasn’t touched a drink, a drug, or a cigarette since the day he left for treatment until now. He is, for the most part, respectful and helpful at home. He has emotionally reconnected with us and his siblings. For so long we felt that we didn’t know him, that he’d become someone unrecognizable to us. Now we have our son back. He has a new girlfriend--a lovely girl from a good family, and she has brought out the gentle, loving side of him that had disappeared. I knew it was serious when they spent hours together poring over his journals from his program. He is not ashamed of having gone there--he is proud, as are we. He has become an unofficial drug counsellor at his school, working with the administration to identify and help kids who are heading down the wrong path. We had tried many different approaches, including inpatient rehab, before we learned about longer term therapeutic programs. I shudder to think where my son would have been now without the program--we really believe the people there saved his life.

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